Our Services

The dedicated and highly trained staff at MAB Pensions Limited can provide the full range of services for self-managed pension schemes including:

  • All day to day administration
  • Provision of relevant documentation including trust deeds and rules
  • Record keeping of documentation, contributions and investments
  • Guidance on acceptable and advisable investments
  • Communication with HMRC, The Pensions Regulator and other statutory bodies and information to the members of their requirements from time to time
  • Guidance on contributions and statutory limits
  • Calculating and paying members’ entitlements
  • Paying and reclaiming tax on PAYE for example,
  • as appropriate
  • An independent trustee in MAB Trustee Company Limited.

Looking after your future

MAB Pensions Limited and MAB Trustee Company Limited provide the full range of services for Small Self-Administered Schemes. Whether acting alone or in cooperation with other professional advisers, the overriding objective of MAB Pensions Limited is to ensure the best possible pension outcome for the contributors to and members of the schemes. The expertise of the team has been built up through many years of experience dealing with the ever changing faces of legislation and economic conditions to provide an efficient and prompt service based on the need of each and every client. This team is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standards at all times to provide you and your family with security in the years to come.